Feb 20 Phase-transition cubic Gallium Nitride doubles ultraviolet emission efficiency, Semiconductors

Feb 16 High-sensitivity low-power MEMS accelerometer for detecting extremely weak ground and building vibrations, Semiconductors

Jan 19 Identifying structural defects during driving electronic devices, Semiconductors

Dec 28 Gallium nitride processor—next-generation technology for space exploration, Semiconductors

Dec 21 Samsung now mass-producing industry's first 2nd-generation, 10-nanometer class DRAM, Semiconductors

Dec 14 Fully screen-printed monoPoly silicon solar cell technology, Semiconductors

Dec 05 Record low contact resistivity on Ga-doped Ge source/drain contacts for pMOS transistors, Semiconductors

Dec 05 Functional ring oscillators based on stacked gate-all-around silicon nanowire transistors, Semiconductors

Nov 15 One big wire change from 1997 still helping chips achieve tiny scale, Semiconductors

Nov 10 Researchers create gallium nitride semiconductors doped with beryllium, Semiconductors

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