13:11 Imaging individual flexible DNA 'building blocks' in 3-D, Nanophysics

12:56 Invasion of the body-snatching fungus, Plants & Animals

12:55 IBM reveals novel energy-saving optical receiver with a new record of rapid power-on/off time, Optics & Photonics

12:25 New symmetry-breaking method opens way for bioactive compounds, Materials Science

12:23 New insight into how magma feeds volcanic eruptions, Earth Sciences

12:12 Urban heat island effects depend on a city's layout, General Physics

12:11 Hauling antiprotons around in a van, General Physics

12:00 Novel technology could allow researchers to develop and test new antimalaria drugs, Cell & Microbiology

10:24 New quantum memory stores information for hours, Quantum Physics

10:22 Rainfall's natural variation hides climate change signal, Environment

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