16:06 Coral gardening is benefiting Caribbean reefs, study finds, Environment

16:05 When should the police use confrontational tactics?, Social Sciences

16:02 Large, distant comets more common than previously thought, Space Exploration

15:11 Could spraying particles into marine clouds help cool the planet?, Earth Sciences

14:29 Gene therapy helps dogs with muscle dystrophy, humans next?, Biotechnology

14:25 Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' spent by next week: report, Environment

14:25 Musk, Zuckerberg duel over artificial intelligence, Hi Tech & Innovation

14:13 Molecular microscopy illuminates molecular motor motion, Cell & Microbiology

14:11 Smart surface enables advanced manipulation of droplets, Condensed Matter

11:49 New research reveals potential for synthetic materials systems that can 'count' and sense their size, Materials Science

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