14:12 G7 backs internet industry effort to detect, blunt extremism, Internet

14:07 EU puts brakes on Macron's Google tax push, Business

11:01 Microsoft, Green Bay Packers launch tech initiative in Wisconsin, Business

Oct 20 BMW offices get 'inspection' in preliminary collusion probe, Business

Oct 20 Why we need to improve cloud computing's security, Security

Oct 20 Team to debut wearables that warn and wow at UIST 2017, Engineering

Oct 20 NTU deploys Singapore's first long-span wind turbine, Energy & Green Tech

Oct 20 Designer binders protect silicon battery electrodes, Energy & Green Tech

Oct 20 Why marking essays by algorithm risks rewarding the writing of 'bullshit', Computer Sciences

Oct 20 French-led EU push for heftier tax on internet giants stalls, Business

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