03:22 Secrets of the deep: Senegal's slave shipwreck detective, Archaeology & Fossils

03:21 Ancient species of giant sloth discovered in Mexico, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 16 Cenozoic carnivore from Turkey may have evolved without placental competitors, Archaeology & Fossils

Aug 16 Stop thinking your wife is bad with money, Social Sciences

Aug 16 Trying to resist the urge to splurge? Ditch the smartphone, Economics & Business

Aug 16 Voter behavior influenced by hot weather, Social Sciences

Aug 16 The mathematics of golf, Mathematics

Aug 16 What does music mean? Sign language may offer an answer, new research concludes, Psychology & Psychiatry

Aug 16 Biology can't explain why men outnumber women in tech, Social Sciences

Aug 16 Successful voting systems must be accurate, usable, accessible and secure, Social Sciences

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