Dec 15 How much can late Permian ecosystems tell us about modern Earth? A lot., Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 15 Can math predict what you'll do next?, Mathematics

Dec 15 Why the idea that the English have a common Anglo-Saxon origin is a myth, Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 15 Music streaming sites benefit indie singers at the expense of top 100 artists, Economics & Business

Dec 15 Indonesian island found to be unusually rich in cave paintings, Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 15 The locomotion of hominins in the Pleistocene was just as efficient as that of current humans, Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 15 Grammar teaching leaves children confused, research shows, Social Sciences

Dec 15 American cities with large Hispanic populations are less likely to police the police, Social Sciences

Dec 15 Evidence of early humans found in the jungles of Borneo, Archaeology & Fossils

Dec 15 Oldest cases of breast cancer and myeloma revealed in scans of mummies, Archaeology & Fossils

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