08:06 PROSPECTing for antineutrinos, General Physics

May 18 Diamond 'spin-off' tech could lead to low-cost medical imaging and drug discovery tools, General Physics

May 18 Magnonic interferometer paves way toward energy-efficient information processing devices, General Physics

May 18 Robotic assembly of the world's smallest house—even a mite doesn't fit through the door, General Physics

May 18 Parkinson-related protein is 'tunable', General Physics

May 18 Can a quantum drum vibrate and stand still at the same time?, Quantum Physics

May 18 Researchers mimic comet moth's silk fibers to make 'air-conditioned' fabric, Optics & Photonics

May 17 Supersonic waves may help electronics beat the heat, General Physics

May 17 Keep the light off: A material with improved mechanical performance in the dark, Condensed Matter

May 17 Innovative light-delivery technique improves biosensors, Optics & Photonics

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