Mar 16 Piezomagnetic material changes magnetic properties when stretched, Condensed Matter

Mar 16 Chirping is welcome in birds but not in fusion devices—scientists show that weak turbulence makes chirping more likely, Plasma Physics

Mar 16 Sensing scheme improves accuracy when reading data from spin-based memory storage, General Physics

Mar 16 Stephen Hawking had pinned his hopes on 'M-theory' to fully explain the universe—here's what it is, General Physics

Mar 16 Scientists create diodes made of light, Optics & Photonics

Mar 16 Supercomputer simulation opens prospects for obtaining ultra-dense electron-positron plasmas, Plasma Physics

Mar 16 World's first observation of spin arrangements using neutron transmission, General Physics

Mar 15 Compact fiber optic sensor offers sensitive analysis in narrow spaces, Optics & Photonics

Mar 15 Scientists investigating mysterious dark matter, General Physics

Mar 15 Powerful new device for studying puzzling process, Plasma Physics

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