Mar 24 Surprising twist in confined liquid crystals: A simple route to developing new sensors, Condensed Matter

Mar 24 In a quantum race everyone is both a winner and a loser, Quantum Physics

Mar 24 Researchers grow a versatile diamond foil in a test reactor, Condensed Matter

Mar 24 Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function, General Physics

Mar 24 The physics that stops a bullet also makes your car more fuel efficient, General Physics

Mar 24 Upgrading the CERN LHC's CMS experiment detector, General Physics

Mar 24 Inventing a new kind of matter, Soft Matter

Mar 24 Insights may lead to design and development of superior metallic alloys, Condensed Matter

Mar 24 A robust, two-ion quantum logic gate that operates in a microsecond is designed, Quantum Physics

Mar 23 Researchers make flexible glass for tiny medical devices, Condensed Matter

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