Dec 15 Discovery could reduce cost, energy for high-speed Internet connections, Optics & Photonics

Dec 15 Single-photon detector can count to four, Quantum Physics

Dec 15 Error-free into the quantum computer age, Quantum Physics

Dec 15 A shoe-box-sized chemical detector, Optics & Photonics

Dec 15 Real-time observation of collective quantum modes, Quantum Physics

Dec 15 Superradiance of an ensemble of nuclei excited by a free electron laser, Quantum Physics

Dec 15 Researchers study thermodynamic processes in an ultra-high temperature molten oxide, Condensed Matter

Dec 15 Unusual thermal convection in a well-mixed fluid, Soft Matter

Dec 15 GAMBIT project suggests theoretical particles are too massive for LHC detection, General Physics

Dec 15 Complete design of a silicon quantum computer chip unveiled, Quantum Physics

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