09:30 Hybrid device harvests both mechanical and magnetic energy, General Physics

Jul 13 Tuning into quantum: Scientists unlock signal frequency control of precision atom qubits, Quantum Physics

Jul 13 Theorists publish highest-precision prediction of muon magnetic anomaly, General Physics

Jul 13 Researchers interpret new experimental data aimed at showing dark matter interacts with ordinary matter, General Physics

Jul 12 More than century-old riddle resolved—a blazar is a source of high-energy neutrinos, General Physics

Jul 12 First-ever colour X-ray on a human, General Physics

Jul 12 Researchers discover heaviest known calcium atom; eight new rare isotopes discovered in total, Condensed Matter

Jul 12 Can ultrashort electron flashes help harvest nuclear energy?, General Physics

Jul 11 Simpler interferometer can fine tune even the quickest pulses of light, Optics & Photonics

Jul 11 National Ignition Facility sets new laser energy record, General Physics

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