Mar 16 Zero field switching (ZFS) effect in a nanomagnetic device, Nanophysics

Mar 16 Plasmons triggered in nanotube quantum wells, Nanomaterials

Mar 16 Imaging technique pulls plasmon data together, Nanophysics

Mar 16 Star-shaped nanoparticles that release their drug payload only after entering cells, Nanomaterials

Mar 15 Graphene oxide nanosheets could help bring lithium-metal batteries to market, Nanomaterials

Mar 15 Graphene finds new application as non-toxic, anti-static hair dye, Nanomaterials

Mar 14 Boron can form a purely honeycomb, graphene-like 2-D structure, Nanomaterials

Mar 14 Graphene flakes for future transistors, Nanophysics

Mar 14 Scientist develops hybrid nano-probe that can detect live cancer cells, Bio & Medicine

Mar 14 Revolutionary new filter can improve drinking water quality, Nanomaterials

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