Dec 15 Graphene in zero G promises success in space, Nanomaterials

Dec 15 3-D nanoscale imaging made possible, Nanophysics

Dec 15 Nanoparticles as a possible solution to antibiotic resistance, Bio & Medicine

Dec 14 Atomic blasting creates new devices to measure nanoparticles, Bio & Medicine

Dec 14 Spaghetti-like, DNA 'noodle origami' the new shape of things to come for nanotechnology, Nanophysics

Dec 13 Improving cyber security in harsh environments, Nanophysics

Dec 13 Accelerating the self-assembly of nanoscale patterns for next-generation materials, Nanophysics

Dec 13 Precision nanomaterials may pave new way to selectively kill cancer cells, study shows, Bio & Medicine

Dec 13 Engineers create plants that glow, Bio & Medicine

Dec 13 Nanotexturing creates bacteria-killing spikes on stainless steel surfaces, Nanomaterials

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