07:01 Artificial cells-in-cells triggered by light act as mini chemical reactors, Biochemistry

06:56 Synchrotron radiations shed light on formation mechanism of aromatic polyimide precursor, Materials Science

06:54 Upscaling of tannin hot water extraction, Materials Science

May 19 Annotation tool provides step toward understanding links between disease, mutant RNA, Biochemistry

May 18 Researchers discover how body temperature wrecks potential dengue, Zika vaccine, Biochemistry

May 18 A new way to make biaxial nematic phase liquid crystals, Materials Science

May 18 A lipid 'trap' inside cells reduces drug effectiveness, Biochemistry

May 18 Researchers create a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater, moves objects, Materials Science

May 17 Reading histone modifications, an oncoprotein is modified in return, Biochemistry

May 17 What bacteria can teach us about combating atrazine contamination, Biochemistry

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