Mar 24 New lab-on-a-chip platform seeks to improve pathogen detection, Analytical Chemistry

Mar 24 Creating materials in a novel way by 3-D printing bacteria, Biochemistry

Mar 24 Converting water into hydrogen more efficiently, Materials Science

Mar 24 Electrodeposition and annealing used to allow for adjusting hardness in nanograined metals, Materials Science

Mar 24 Virus hydrophobicity can help purify vaccines, Biochemistry

Mar 24 A fluorogenic probe can detect the activity of multidrug-resistant pathogens in an assay system, Biochemistry

Mar 24 Heavy metal binding domain in a cysteine-rich protein may be sea snail adaptation to metal stress, Materials Science

Mar 23 Team refines filters for greener natural gas, Materials Science

Mar 23 Cryo-electron microscopy achieves unprecedented resolution using new computational methods, Analytical Chemistry

Mar 23 Chemists ID catalytic 'key' for converting CO2 to methanol, Materials Science

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