Oct 20 Physicists use mathematical algorithms to examine experimental 3-D structures of chromosomes, Polymers

Oct 20 Finding wood alternatives for endangered ebony, Materials Science

Oct 20 Close up view of growing polymer chain show jump steps, Polymers

Oct 20 Green functionalisation of carbon-hydrogen bonds, Materials Science

Oct 20 Microfluidics devices clarify how dispersants modify asphaltene to keep pipes open, Materials Science

Oct 20 Turning a material upside-down can sometimes make it softer, Materials Science

Oct 20 The birth of a new protein, Biochemistry

Oct 19 Team determines first high-resolution structure of dopamine receptor, Biochemistry

Oct 19 Renewable resource: To produce vital lipoic acid, sulfur is used, then replenished, Biochemistry

Oct 19 Liquid metal discovery ushers in new wave of chemistry and electronics, Materials Science

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