Apr 29 Study finds bonobos may be better representation of the last common ancestor with humans than common chimpanzees, Plants & Animals

Apr 28 Plague bacteria take refuge in amoebae, Cell & Microbiology

Apr 28 New study revises the development and evolutionary origin of the vertebrate brain, Evolution

Apr 28 Unlikely pair of plants named after stars of movie 'Twins', Plants & Animals

Apr 28 Fast, low energy, and continuous biofuel extraction from microalgae, Biotechnology

Apr 28 Bacterial symbionts transition between plant pathogenicity and insect defensive mutualism, Biotechnology

Apr 28 Brown bears found to leave scent signals by twisting feet into the ground, Plants & Animals

Apr 28 The science of laughter – and why it also has a dark side, Other

Apr 28 New population of endangered cats found in Borneo, Ecology

Apr 28 How plants form their sugar transport routes, Biotechnology

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