Oct 20 A universal food and alarm cue found in mammalian blood, Plants & Animals

Oct 20 Researcher studies vampiric silver lamprey, Ecology

Oct 20 The chemical that tells plants when it's time to sleep, Biotechnology

Oct 20 Caged blue mussels as environmental detectives, Ecology

Oct 20 New function in gene-regulatory protein discovered, Biotechnology

Oct 20 New minimally invasive procedure saves dog's life—and her kidney, Plants & Animals

Oct 20 Waterside lighting drastically disrupts wildlife in the surrounding ecosystem, Ecology

Oct 20 Current understanding of animal welfare currently excludes fish, even though fish feel pain, Plants & Animals

Oct 20 Researchers explore walleye for aquaculture, Ecology

Oct 20 Your body's cells use and resist force, and they move. It's mechanobiology, Other

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