06:27 Two rare sea lion attacks shut down cove in San Francisco Bay, Ecology

Dec 15 Genetic instructions from mom set the pattern for embryonic development, Biotechnology

Dec 15 Hounds and wolves share parasites, Ecology

Dec 15 Krill behaviour takes carbon to the ocean depths, Plants & Animals

Dec 15 Potato blight's chemical attack mechanism explained, Biotechnology

Dec 15 Wounded sea turtle healed with 3-D printing, Ecology

Dec 15 Salmon help their offspring by dying on the spawning grounds, Ecology

Dec 15 Earwax like ice cores—unlocking the past hidden in whale earplugs, Plants & Animals

Dec 15 Legalising rhino horn trade—don't charge in blind, Ecology

Dec 15 Study analyzes the peculiar cranial anatomy of howler monkeys, Plants & Animals

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