Jul 13 Researchers discover natural product that could lead to new class of commercial herbicide, Cell & Microbiology

Jul 13 Researchers isolate parvovirus from ancient human remains, Cell & Microbiology

Jul 13 New species may arise from rapid mitochondrial evolution, Cell & Microbiology

Jul 12 Ant soldiers don't need big brains, Plants & Animals

Jul 12 Understanding the social dynamics that cause cooperation to thrive, or fail, Plants & Animals

Jul 12 Tree shrews can tolerate hot peppers: Mutation in pain receptor makes peppery plant palatable, Plants & Animals

Jul 12 Rice plants evolve to adapt to flooding, Biotechnology

Jul 12 Parental chromosomes kept apart during embryo's first division, Cell & Microbiology

Jul 12 International collaboration finds land plant genes in ancient aquatic alga, Biotechnology

Jul 12 Finding the proteins that unpack DNA, Cell & Microbiology

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