18:51 Juno mission prepares for December 11 Jupiter flyby, Space Exploration

Dec 09 Ancient enzyme morphed shape to carry out new functions in humans, Biochemistry

Dec 09 Cow gene study shows why most clones fail, Biotechnology

Dec 09 Sexual harassment common among middle school children, study finds, Social Sciences

Dec 09 Study provides new focus for developing drugs to fight cancer, Biochemistry

Dec 09 Early US astronauts faced uncertainty, danger and death, Space Exploration

Dec 09 Samsung to disable Note 7 phones in recall effort, Consumer & Gadgets

Dec 09 Michigan lets autonomous cars on roads without human driver, Hi Tech & Innovation

Dec 09 Monkey speak: Macaques have the anatomy, not the brain, for human speech, Plants & Animals

Dec 09 Research offers clues about the timing of Jupiter's formation, Space Exploration

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