15:41 Researchers peel back another layer of chemistry with 'tender' X-rays, Materials Science

15:04 Ancient Egyptians used metal in wooden ships, Archaeology & Fossils

15:03 Researchers find transition point in semiconductor nanomaterials, Nanophysics

14:32 Dawn sets course for higher orbit, Space Exploration

14:10 Female rhesus macaque calls may reflect familiarity rather than relatedness, Plants & Animals

14:10 Scientists find 3.7 billion-year-old fossil, oldest yet, Earth Sciences

14:07 Samsung updates smartwatch, Lenovo ditches laptop keyboard (Update), Consumer & Gadgets

14:06 Novel method enables absolute quantification of mitochondrial metabolites, Cell & Microbiology

13:30 High-speed 'electron camera' films atomic nuclei in vibrating molecules, General Physics

10:44 First stars formed even later than previously thought, Astronomy

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